Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some more advanced beading tutorials

After my post on Monday, I realised how many amazing advanced beading tutorials there are out there. I've made a little list of a few of the more amazing ones. If only I had the time to try them!

1. Beaded Tree Tutorial by Kimberley Chapman

Oh my goodness me! It makes my hands cramp up just looking at this! Such a beautiful finished piece though, it's almost worth all the hand-aching work it would take!

2. Beaded Rose as part of a Wreath by Bead Jewelry Making

How amazing is this wreath? I would love to make one around Christmas to hang on a door, or even to pin onto my lapel. So amazing.

3. Summer Sandal by The Beading Emporium

I think this is such a beautiful beading project, Something so different and with so much scope for colour changes and different bead choices. Maybe you could add some cute dangly beads!

4. Easy Beaded Ornament Cover by Squidoo

Even though Christmas is over for another year, I couldn't resist this beautiful Beaded Ornament Cover. I know it's not technically an advanced project but I missed it when I was researching for my beginner's section :) And besides, it looks complicated!

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