Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Future Favourite Blogs

We made it to another Friday and not a day missed on my blogging bandwagon! Hooray!

On this week's blog list I have another group of special sites which give me a moment's respite in my hectic schedule. I usually like to read these in the morning as their humourous tales usually lift my spirits for the day :)

1. Male Pattern Boldness: Peter Lappin has missed his calling as a comic satirist. He loves to put the hard questions to his readers including; Leopard Print for Men - Yea or Nay?, Manscaping - Yea or Nay? and WHAT is up with Japanese Fashion????. And don't miss him sewing and styling his enigmatic cousin Cathy (hint: Cathy has the EXACT same measurements as Peter - a coincidence?)

Peter in his fabulous new leopard print pants

The ever-stylish Cathy

2. The Selfish Seamstress: You absolutely must go to the back catalogues of this petite fire-cracker's blog. The queen of Burda Style and an amazing home-seamstress, she has a haiku for every sewing-related situation. Observe:

Tell me again
Why you think that MY sewing
Should save YOU money?

Purple/Grey Creation Number 1

Purple/Grey Creation Number 2

Purple/Grey Creation Number 3

3. Meet Me At Mikes: Pip is truly a warm-heart. She blogs endlessly but not with the incessant ramblings of some blogs (ahem... sorry if I've fallen into that category!). Her store Meet Me At Mikes looks beautiful in every captured image and her crafts are as inspired as the books in which she features them. She is tirelessly happy and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy - expecially on a dreary day. Definitely worth a look!

Softies for Mirabel Campaign - all these toys are donated!

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