Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look how far I've come :)

My first market stall at Marky Markets last November

At Suitcase Rummage in February

At Friends of Folk Festival in March

Davies Park Markets last weekend

Friday Future Favourite Blogs!

Petit main sauvage is one of the first sewing blogs I started reading. It's an amazing look into what you can do with your sewing skills if you really stick with it and learn your techniques and tips!

Beautiful blazer

I can't even find this talented ladies name, which I'm embaressed about as I have been reading all about her and her life for years now! How funny the blog world is :)

She does stunning things with draping and these are 90% her own patterns. GAH!!! Truly amazing seamstress!

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Future Favourite Blogs!

The beautiful Astrid has a very specific asthetic which she likes to portray - the fabulous Swinging Sixties!

Astrid did not know how to sew when she started on her journey of handmaking her 60's inspired wardrobe from vintage patterns and blogging on her site Sew Sixties.

She is currently on a a-line skirt binge but it's well worth going back through the months to see some of her trails and tribulations whilst making dresses as well.

Definitely worth a look and a giggle at Astrid's musings on her favourite friend "Mr Seam Ripper"!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Future Favourite Blogs!

Here we are again, another Friday, another amazing blogger!

Today I want you to find some time (like a month and a half) to sit back with a cup of tea and trawl the archives of New Dress A Day. Marissa went from losing her job to being so successful at blogging about giving cheap thrift store finds new life that she made it onto E!. Yes, E!.

From this.....

.... to this! Wow!

Orginally Marissa had $365 which she could spend over 1 year (that's $1 per day folks) to make herself an amazingly funky wardrobe and dress herself in something new daily. What an effort! And she made it!

And from this......

.... to this! Holy Moly!

I spent the better part of a day getting to know Marissa via her blog and it was well worth the effort. So many ideas, and so amazing that she spent so little on such an amazing look each day. Jealous!

Enjoy :)