Monday, March 28, 2011

The good news

Well the good news is marred only slightly by some food poinsoning or a bug which I have caught but I will fill you in all the same (I'll try to sound as excited as I was pre-sickness!)

bunnyhornet has gone retail! Hoorah!!

Two Saturday's ago (my first at Davies Park) a lovely lady called Toni came to my stall and said she loved my wares and that she wanted to stock them in her store in Sydney. I didn't think she was serious (but to be honest I was extremely hopeful) and didn't think anything more of it until I received her lovely and complimentary email.

She sent me a picture of her store too:

Isn't it gorgeous??? I am so proud that she asked me to send her some stock. Here's a little peak at what is on it's way down!

I'm really hoping she loves it all and that her customers love it too. I'm pretty confident given how much encouragement and support I've had from my friends, family and you my dear blogettes!

Toni's shop is Tonik Skin & Body Rituals and is in Newcastle if you're around that way.

There, times this blog by 10 and you'll understand how excited I really am (sans lurgy)!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Future Favourite Blogs!

Here we are, at Friday already! Can you believe it's been a whole week? Phew, time flies when you're busy doesn't it?

This week's blog is a local one for me. Steph, who writes the blog 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World, is an American living in Brisbane and she has a great blog about all her sewing adventures in Oz.

How amazing is this 1950's dress from a vintage pattern?

And now I desperately want a pair of these Plus Fours!

You should head over to check out her blog, it might become one of your new favourites!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exciting news....

Not to jinx myself but I have some exciting news to tell you... but it's not time yet!

I will keep you all updated :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

20% Discount!

Good Morning,

Since I'm in such a great mood after a wonderful market weekend and some beautiful weather coming our way, I thought I'd give everyone 20% discount in the shop until the end of the month. I know, so generous ;)

Young girl cameo in Rust

If you saw something at the markets on the weekend that you liked, don't be shy, email or convo me! I'd be so happy to pop it in the shop for you and it will be winging it's way to you in no time.

Just type MARCH11 into the coupon code box before checkout to receive your discount.

Happy March everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Markets - Success!


What a successful weekend I've had! Despite some severe machine trouble over tha last week, I managed to get enough stock made and ready for the Davies Park Markets at West End on Saturday AND the Marky Markets on Boundary Street as well.

The Davies Park gig was last minute as I was only called on Friday afternoon to see if I could fill a spot. I arrived at 5am (eek!) on Saturday morning and we were able to trade until 1pm until the rain forced us to pack up. It was still a really great environment and the girls I was next to were really friendly.

Side view of my stall at Marky's

Then I did my regular Marky Markets and while the day was miserable, a lot of people were still out and about in West End.

See you all next Saturday at Davies Park again :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Future Favourite Blogs!

Hello again for another Friday! It's been a while since we did our Future Favourites so I thought I better find you a good one :)

Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing was a blog started with the sole purpose of completing every garment in the Vogue's Book for Better Sewing which the author, Gertie, found and loved.

I love to read her tips and tricks for sewing and they have really helped me to master some tricky techniques. You should really check out her tutorial for bound button-holes - it's expecially helpful if your machine doesn't do button holes!

Happy crafting everyone! Come check me out at Marky Markets on Sunday at the Hi-Fi on Boundary Street, West end :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Queensland floods and going AWOL

Those last posts were all set up to publish automatically after I had a spurt of blogging energy!

But as they were unfolding, so were the Queensland floods and little did I know that in the next few days we would come within a metre of being completely inundated at home.

This picture was taken just 5 metres from our new home in Brisbane. We were extremely lucky...

I've been in full swing with the markets again! Just this weekend I took my bunnyhornet wares to Friends of Folk Festival (FOFF) at The Old Museum. This was through my usual markets in West End, Marky Markets. I had an awesome time listening to some great bands and getting some sunshine.

It was also the weekend of Suitcase Rummage and as I couldn't attend two markets, my friend Erin took along some of my things while I brought some of her gorgeous hand made candles from her shop The Orchard.

My Stall at FOFF

Erin's beautiful candles at my stall at FOFF

Some pieces I sent along to Suitcase Rummage with Erin.

The next markets are on 20th March at Marky Markets (the Hi Fi) on Boundary Road in West End. Come along and say hello!