Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beading Kits? Are they cheating?

I always look wistfully at beading kits in my favourite online stores but have never brought myself to buy one. Why? Well, I have this feeling that it's cheating the creative element a bit. I always feel a bit sheepish when someone asks if I've made something and I know it's from a pattern or a tutorial on the web. The reason is, yes, I have made it BUT I just used someone elses creative ideas and put them together.

Here is the kit that got me thinking:

This is truly a beautiful piece and I would really love to make one of these for myself but there are a few things stopping me here.

1. Price - for $33.00 I could buy somthing similar ready-made
2. Creativity - yes, I would be putting it together but there's not really any more individuality than buying one read-made
3. Shame - I would feel a bit like a cheat if I said I did make it

What are your thoughts?

Much love,


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