Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Queensland floods and going AWOL

Those last posts were all set up to publish automatically after I had a spurt of blogging energy!

But as they were unfolding, so were the Queensland floods and little did I know that in the next few days we would come within a metre of being completely inundated at home.

This picture was taken just 5 metres from our new home in Brisbane. We were extremely lucky...

I've been in full swing with the markets again! Just this weekend I took my bunnyhornet wares to Friends of Folk Festival (FOFF) at The Old Museum. This was through my usual markets in West End, Marky Markets. I had an awesome time listening to some great bands and getting some sunshine.

It was also the weekend of Suitcase Rummage and as I couldn't attend two markets, my friend Erin took along some of my things while I brought some of her gorgeous hand made candles from her shop The Orchard.

My Stall at FOFF

Erin's beautiful candles at my stall at FOFF

Some pieces I sent along to Suitcase Rummage with Erin.

The next markets are on 20th March at Marky Markets (the Hi Fi) on Boundary Road in West End. Come along and say hello!

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