Sunday, November 21, 2010

Phew! Markets done and dusted.

Here I am at the bunnyhornet stall at the Marky Markets today. It was a little bit overcast and gloomy but the rain held off and we had a great day! It was a little blustery and blu-tac had to be quickly acquired to make sure the stock stayed on the table, but that was only a minor set-back in what was otherwise a wonderful day.

I had friends to help me (thank you Ryan, Lucy, Joe, Sareeta, Villy and of course my beautiful husband AzA) and the day went quickly.

We sold out of mario glass tile badges within a few hours, and the cameo brooches were then next biggest seller. Will make sure there's more for next markets!

Thanks to everyone who dropped in, and those who bought something, I really loved seeing you :)

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